I am recognised to provide care on behalf of the major health insurers.  These include but not exclusive to

AVIVA health
The Exeter
CS Healthcare
Simply Health
Police Mutual 

Please also contact your insurance company with regards to the services included in your policy.  

Fixed prices including fees for surgeon, anaesthetist, hospital stay and one follow-up consultation are also available and are set by the hospital so may vary slighlty between the Nuffield and Spire. 

Below is an outline for self pay patients.
  1. +

    New Patient Assessment/ Results
    + Clinical Assessment (mammogram +/- ultrasound and biopsy pathological assessment incurs separate fee by hospital) + Discussion of triple (clinical/imaging and biopsy) assessment + Discussion of results of triple assessment and treatment plan + Fee per consultation
  2. +

    Breast Symptom/Cancer Follow-up
    + Clinical follow-up of breast symptoms +Clinical follow-up of breast cancer + Fee per consultation
  3. +

    New Patient Breast Cosmetic Assessment
    + Clinical Assessment + Discussion of cosmetic options + Planning of cosmetic treatment + Fee per consultation
  4. +

    Breast Surgery
    Insured or Self Pay Individualised quotes for cosmetic breast surgery
Free Mini Consults